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Our Mission


I am very close to my grandpa, and when I visit him he belly laughs when recounting stories of being a little boy in Kenya. He used to be chased by neighbors for grabbing fruit from their trees. Although he laughs now, he was hungry then.  His family had little money and many mouths to feed as he grew up with four younger brothers.








I was born in Cooperstown, NY, an area much better off than Kenya and most of Upstate New York. Though, it does have a large population of families in need. I grew up delivering Thanksgiving dinner baskets and Christmas gifts with my own family. We wanted to help others whenever we could.


When speaking about poverty, many often think of third-world countries as examples. But, it is a serious issue within the United States as well.  Even in a wealthy area like Fairfield County, where I currently live, hunger is a significant challenge for many.


My organization, Fight Hunger, was created to combat food insecurity in Fairfield County as those in need are often overlooked. We see that this need exists so close to our own homes. As a group, my volunteers and I organize “food waves” where individual students host food drives that benefit local hunger organizations.


We are always looking for support in combatting food insecurity at home.

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