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January/February Food Drive for the DVCC in Stamford, CT

The Domestic Violence Crisis Center provides counseling and safe houses for victims of domestic violence. The DVCC has a huge number of families experiencing food insecurity. They often receive many donations around the holidays, however, it is during the rest of the year that they lack donations and we help to fill this gap. For the duration of this food drive we collected many large/multi-packet nonperishable food items.

The drinks that were donated (different types of juice) will be given to the children in the DVCC youth groups, and the rest of the food items will be packed up into parcels to be given out to families.

In one of the images below I am standing aside the Senior Executive Assistant for the DVCC, Johanna Ordonez. We look forward to continuing to work with Johanna, as well as Anita Lai, manager of the DVCC, to help provide food items to aid individuals and families facing food insecurity.


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