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What We Do Regularly

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Sure, big drives generate a large impact on the surrounding community. But, they do not happen every week. We as an organization help to fill in these gaps by regularly dropping off donations.

We have set up a great program with our local Panera location. It has been shocking to learn how much good food most restaurants and fast-food chains throw away every week. It may have a small flaw, be one day old, or they simply ordered too much. That's where we come in. Panera lets us take this perfectly good food and bring it to the Wilton Food Pantry.

This has been a very popular program with the Wilton Food Bank. It has received great feedback from those utilizing the food bank's services as before this was implemented, the bread they received was often stale or moldy. We love continuing this donation and developing our relationship with Wilton Food Bank even further.


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